We have a NW 6.5sp7 server with three volumes (SYS, EDITOR, DESIGN) that we backup using BE 2010 R2 on a Win 2003 server. We've been doing this for a number of years without any trouble. Recently the server has been crashing during backup, and we've narrowed it down to something with the EDITOR volume. SYS and DESIGN backed up in the same job together complete without an issue, but the EDITOR volume is causing an NMI error. Symantec has latched onto this and claims it must be a hardware issue, but all three volumes are listed under the same HP SmartArray 6400 contorller card in the server, and the other two volumes backup just fine. I'm tempted to try a poolrebuild on the EDITOR volume but wondered if something else might cause this issue as well.

Thank you