Definetly a little confused on the BM 3.8 setup. Its more different from
BM 3.7 than I anticipated.

Here is the setup steps:
On the server used VPNCFG
No C2S settings in NWADMIN. But the Master is enabled.
In imanager enabled client to site and configured custom settings:
Let Imanager create the Server Cert and Trusted Root Container.
Imanager did not create the Trusted Root Object. Novell's docs said it
was needed for Client to site so I went into VPN Master setup and had it
create the TRO.
But I do not have the master VPN configured or enabled in Imanger.

The Specifics:
IP is
Gateway is


Default route ->


Customer C2s
General: IP address range - (unique addresses not
in use on network)

Traffic rules: In order from top to bottom
VPNTOHOSTS: all users to - any protocol encrypted
INTERNET: All users All hosts any protocol Allow unencrypted
DEFAULT_TRAFFIC_RULE: any user any host any protocol deny

ALLOW NDS: All Users Allow NMAS minimum allowed logged Allow

DNS: currently none. Once I can get through the tunnel then I will have
something but right now since I cannot get through tunnel I cannot get
to DNS server.

I am able to login to the BM 3.8 client but I cannot ping which
is on and has a gateway address of

I have setup BM before just not 3.8. So I am wondering if I did
something wrong in the initial seutp.

Thanks for looking it over.