When executing rescan-scsi-bus.sh, it *DOES* recognize added disks from our FC-SAN.

I added a LUN of exactly the same size, as a disk already known to this server.

So I deletet the FC mapping, ran the script again, and it does *NOT* recognize the
"removed disk".

ls -la /dev/disk/by-id/

scsi-3600a0b800048a6fa0000094f4992d73a -> ../../sda
scsi-3600a0b800048a6fa0000094f4992d73a-part1 -> ../../sda1
scsi-3600a0b800048a6fa0000094f4992d73a-part2 -> ../../sda2
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a0000292d4a8f311c -> ../../dm-4
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a0000292d4a8f311c-part1 -> ../../dm-11
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a00003ce44bce8ae5 -> ../../dm-5
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a00003ce44bce8ae5-part1 -> ../../dm-7
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a00003e454bf60fcc -> ../../dm-3
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a00003e454bf60fcc-part1 -> ../../dm-8
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a00003e544bf64e80 -> ../../dm-2
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a00003e544bf64e80-part1 -> ../../dm-9
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a0000417b4d510559 -> ../../dm-1
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a0000417b4d510559-part1 -> ../../dm-6
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a000043ab4e71e06f -> ../../dm-0
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a000043ab4e71e06f-part1 -> ../../dm-10
scsi-3600a0b8000562e0a0000462c4e82df34 -> ../../dm-31

the last line is the one, that's the "removed disk".

What do I miss?

I created a new LUN, that's slightly larger, FC-mapped it to that SLES-OES, re-ran
rescan-scsi-bus.sh, entered nssmu, and there still the *OLD* (removed) disk is
presented with the size of the old, removed LUN...

Any suggestions appreciated, Rudi.