Here is an odd one.

DS 1.2 Build 579
GW 8.02 HP2
LDAP Auth.

Over the past few days users are complaining that they get unable to authenticate on their devices when setting them up or just random errors on devices already setup (so Far only IOS devices). We determined the issue to be that the user is using lowercase letters when putting in their ID. When we change it to all CAPS then it works. Now we use the same LDAP login for everything, and only the DS is seeing this issue. I was informed that there is NO WAY to force users to use a specific case for the Login ID in e-dir. What is even more strange, is that it only seems to affect users who have several letters in their login ID ( for example XX1XXX3) Users with only one letter at the beginning of the ID are not affected ( X00000000) Any one seen this or perhaps know why? Nothing in the logs that I can see.