So I have come to learn that Client Profiles work differently in Win7 then they did in XP. (re:TID 7009004)

But I don't understand or have yet to be able to get it to work the way it did in XP.
My Users have their Netware Login in and then the workstation have a User id that is generic. It's the same on all workstations in my Workgrouped environment, no domain involved.
In XP they would have to enter their Netware Login id and credentials and then be prompted for the Windows login credentials, I had it set up so the Username was already populated.
I don't want it to ever have the Netware login id be shown for the previous user.
I want them to turn on computer.
Type in their Netware login ID
Type in their Netware login ID password
and then see that the Windows User name is populated automatically
Type in the Windows login ID password.

I have not been able to solve the riddle that is the new methodolgy for Novell Client Profiles. Any help/thoughts?