We've been trying this for a couple off days,

Customers network is;
NW6 / SP5.
BM 3.7 Servers. ( 3 sites in a VPN)

Our new VPN Slave server from our network;
NW 6.5/Sp3,
BM 3.8

we get;
failed configuring vpn member XXX all the time,

we've tried disbling filters,
tried by doing a really "open" filter that allows
everything to and from our vpn slave..

Looking at the Master VPN, on the VPN details / Security,
2 rows looks wrong/different compared to the working VPN servers;

Receive encryption type; Unknown
Encryp receive key size ; Unknown
recevie authentication type; Unknown,

Any ideas were to start looking..?

Is it possible to "test/try" with other "prefered"
encryption methods and/or authentication methods..??

Those are possible to choose when adding the "new" slave 128bit
but we've allways done it with the default; RC5 and keyed MD5 128bit