Some of you may be aware that with one of the OES2 maintenance patches (I think the May 2011 patch) that NRM inventory reports are very slow now. And they don't show the progress bar correctly either. Here's some possible choices that Novell is interested in getting feedback on.

Basically there's a quick workaround that can be introduced fairly soon. This will give you the option of enabling the NRM inventory to gather NON-LUM owner information. However, if you enable that it will continue to be very slow. If you choose this option you forego a long-term fix.

Another option is to actually resolve the problem so that NON-LUM users can be inventoried as owners, but there is no current ETA on how long this will take or how much of a performance hit will be incurred. If you choose this option you forego the short-term fix.

I added a third option which is to implement the first option AND continue to work on the long-term fix.