I am looking for a consultant that could assist me with problem related to the Notes and Comments areas on GW 8 Address Book. I had a report based on the content of the Comment section on GW7 client, which auto time stamped the Comment when it was entered. We have switched to the GW 8 client and now I have no good way to reliably search for the string to get the correct date information out of the Comment section, unless the user types in the date manually, in exactly the same format each time, which is impossible. If they type the information in the Notes section, it will put a time stamp, but it is at the end of the comment, and it doesn't show up when I look at their address book through proxy, I have to actually log on as them in order to see when they entered a comment.

I need someone with expertise in this area to consult as to the best way to extract the information I need. Anyone with a contact for me, PLEASE help.

Jody Yniguez