The BM Server-Configuration:
NW6.5SP2 and BM3.8SP2a with bm38fp3e-Patch

Public NIC:

Private NIC: 193.xxx.xxx.xxx
Gateway: 193.xxx.xxx.xxx
DNS: 193.xxx.xxx.xxx
The Gateway is a Cisco-Router.

VPN Tunnel-Address:
IP-Addresspool: (default)

1.; any protocol; any host; encrypted
2. 193.xxx.xxx.0; any protocol; any host; decrypted
3. Default_Traffic_Rule: decrypted
(displayed in VPN-Client too)

1. all user; NMAS; allow
2. Default_Authentification_Rule; denied (default)

NAT is disabled. IP Packet Forwarding is enabled as Router. Packet
Filtering is disabled. ipfilt.nlm is unloaded.
LDAP is enabled and works fine.

WinXP with SP1; VPN-Client 3.8.7 and Novell Client 4.90SP2.
NIC: IP=; Gateway=BM private IP-Address

The VPN works nice. But I can't access thru the BM-Server to the Internet
without proxy!
I can't ping the private BM-NIC from the client but I can ping the public
We can authentification on the Server with the Novell Client.

I have tested the Internet-Access with the proxy. It works fine.

Any Idea?