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Thread: DLU volatile user login problem at once after restart

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    DLU volatile user login problem at once after restart

    Probably related to thread "10.3.3 XP Clients Not seeing available bundles for 4-5 min" (http://forums.novell.com/novell/nove...s-4-5-min.html).
    ZCM 10.3.3 on top of SLES 11 SP1, Windows XP / 7 devices.
    When I login with dynamic volatile user on device just restarted I can login wo any problems (I mean, little delay with N ... - by design? -, but CAD screen disappear after that, no problem), device is in green on ZCC, remote connection does work ok, but after few minutes I see error on desktop that "Desktop refers to a location that is unavailable [...]". When I check user profile I see just dir's Application Data, Local Settings and Cookies and files ntuser.dat.log, ntuser.dat. Strange, also, but seems to connected to case I mentioned before. When I wait 10 minutes before to login (on CAD screen) ... no such a problem. Also, I see on device that first user profile is created ok, see desktop on screen and ... then this error and on desktop just few icons ... As we do use DLU volatile accounts in computer rooms for students, this is very bad when some of users does restart computer whatever reason. Additionally for thread before I did open a SR 10725162201 for this problem. Has anyone seen this problem?
    More thanks, Alar.
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