I am having issues managing a few services on a SLES 10.3 OES2 SP2 server. When running this command: openssl x509 -inform PEM -in /etc/ssl/servercerts/servercert.pem -subject -dates - I get this output:

subject= /O=WHITEWATER/CN=hassium.uww.edu
notBefore=Sep 30 13:24:56 2009 GMT
notAfter=Sep 30 13:24:56 2011 GMT


I'm assuming the certificate has expired. I have gone in a few times in iManager and repaired the certificates for this server. iManager is showing today's date for the creation date and the expiration is in 2 years. Obviously the server has not gotten the new certificate. Any ideas on how to repair this? I know that it is causing ldap problems also.

Thanks for any help!!