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Thread: B 39SP2IR1 "disappears" and reappeas on network randomly

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    B 39SP2IR1 "disappears" and reappeas on network randomly

    Our Setup

    BM 3.9 SP2 IR1 on NW 6.5 SP8 (tuneup.ncf run during setup of BM) using SurfControl 6.1 for a filtering db on HP DL380G5 with 4GB RAM and 4 processors. we only use it as a proxy, no other services are enabled. eDir version is 8.8.5 patch5. It's backup exhibits the same symptoms if made the primary in the proxy.pac file.


    The server will randomly stop responding, as in it will be processing requests correctly and suddenly just stop, won;t respond to ping, can't remote control it. If you go to the console, the server is up and responds to command. It's as if the nic cards have stopped functioning, but the rest of the server is fine. 5 to 10 minutes later, it will start servicing requests again. Network team reports seeing nothing unusual on the network

    Things done so far....

    replaced all server hardware, no change
    changed network cables, wiring ports and switch ports, no change
    rebuilt server from ground up, and installed 2,9SP1 and patched to current, no change

    At a loss now on how to further troubleshoot it, Logs show that the server stops processing requests at the same time the server stops responding and resume when the server starts responding

    Any ideas on what is causing this or what could be done to mitigate it would be welcome

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