Hi Craig, hi all,

after falling on our butts with BM3.8 S2S configurations(wonder if
Novell has a root replica on every server and 15-x minute wait times?)
we thought that we'd just forget the ONE-NET/ONE-TREE thingie. Thank God
there are people at Novell(or maybe you were it, Craig!) who also think
our way and they wrote the above mentioned TID. We were really happy to
see it and as we are currently deploying 3 new ones, we decided to give
it a try. The configuration went very well. No "the vpn configuration
didn't complete successfully" errors or such... The only thing is the
slave never(>24h) ever really came up. The SCM showed the configuration
as complete, IKE started but we never got a WAN connection entry in
INetcfg or Callmgr. After recreating the slave many times we decided to
just create a master and then delete it. Sick as I am, I created the
master and then went to the S2S and told it that my slave was the other
master. The whole thing came up as soon as I pushed ok. I now have to
master configurations and they have 2 masters configured as slaves in
their S2S configurations. Is this cool? Did the guy who wrote the TID
make a typo? I have some kind of a problem with the fact that I have 2
masters talking to each other as if the other was a slave.