I am trying to assist my customer in the installation of GWHP3 to a current HP2 system. After launching the ./install file, things seem to start off correctly, I am presented with the "create or update a GW system" I select the SDD, and select all items to install. After that process completes, I am then presented with a screen that asks to Update the GW system. I select that radio button, and it asks for the location of the GW Domain, I fill that into the box (I am unable to select the *.db file itself just the directory location) and the install screen disappears without even asking to update the POA, however when I look at the POA web console it shows the updated version number 8.02-96933, along with the corrected dates for the POA 9-13-11, however the domain web console itself, will not launch, and though the domain shows as running I am skeptical of this actually working.

Has anyone else come across this occurring before? Need assistance because security patches contained in the HP3 are needing to be applied system wide, and we cannot move forward without having a corrected installation procedure.