We have a 2 node sles10.3+oes2sp3 cluster.

We have some problems with the second node. To make a long story short, we have 2 options now:
1. reinstall the second node or
2. add a third node and remove the second one afterwards.

We have a shared storage via iSCSI - both nodes are iscsi initiators. We have 1 NSS Volume which is cluster enabled.

Our Questions:
1. Is there anything with regard to the sdb partition we have to take care about or can I just follow the steps in the ncs docu.

2. What happens to all the objects in eDir (oes objects, node2 object, ncp object etc.)? How can we remove the ALL objects related to the second node?

3. Which option would you recommend and how would u do it? Anything dangerous we have to take care about?