We are running GW 8.02 on a Netware 6.5 box.
I have a client server which runs Windows 2000 and therefore has the GW 7.01 client installed as GW 8 client will not run in the W2k environment. There is an external program which sends mail by calling the GW Client using a specific user profile. This has been working fine until now, when there is a necessity to send the mail cc'd to other recipients. Below is an extract from the log file of the app sending the mail via the GW profile.

0.00: Sending Mail:
CC='mbehan@mailaddress.ie; gerry@mailaddress.ie'
File='E:\Agressooffice\Test\Shares\Lis\meftpa_1_50 5.pdf'
Subject='Your Remittance Advice'
Text='Payment Details Attached'
10:11:12 > Logging on mail system using default profile.
10:11:13 > Done Sending Mail
1.34: Done. (2.83s).

The mail only sends to one recipient - usually the firs address it sees. So if I exclude the To address it will send to the first CC'd address. The sent item appears in the GW client on the server but only one recipient is listed whether to or cc'd. It looks like sending multiple addresses to the client from an external program might be a problem?

Firstly is the ; delimiter between mail addresses correct, secondly which log file should I be looking at to see what is getting to the GW client (GWIA, MTA or POA).