We currently have an issue with MSI Wind netbooks. They won't boot to the preboot policy service. They get to sending queries to (Novell Server) and sit there forever, and eventually after like an hour it gets to contacting preboot services... done and doesnt get past that. However it does work on any other machine that we have, whether it be a Lenovo, or a Lam computer. The weird thing is it worked on Friday the 23rd and we were downloading the images of 2 different machines in 2 different multicasts, that completed and we started another multicast of only Wind's and let it go over the weekend. On monday there was one machine that said segmentation error or some odd error like that which we've seen before and most of the time is a bad hard drive that won't take an image, and all the rest were stuck at 0% complete. So we restarted the machines and they wouldnt boot to the preboot policy and hang at sending queries. We've restarted the services and the server multiple times. Its very odd. Any help would be great. Thanks!!