My brain hurts...

We have new Win7sp1 Pro machines. In our 2 server OES Netware 6.5 sp8 server environment.
I have applied iprntnw65sp8d to the server.

What needs to be done to get iprint to work? I am frustrated as it seems between iprint and HP's UPD it is a clugy mess to get to the end game of iprinting nirvana.
All this frustration so I can utilize iprint if needed in the future. So I can audit.

as of Oct 4 2011 what are the steps to get a printer printing via iprint on a Win7 box.

I have been researching the forums and there are threads for...
try iprint client before Novell Client, try the other way
HP's UPD need some special coddling to get them to work
Arrgh, I just wanna print.
(like I did in XP)
List of networked printer, take your pick.
Change any options necessary and print away.
iprint would notify you when job was printed

I seemed to have some bit of success on a workstation but there is an extra dialog box popping up from HP UPD asking what printer to choose. And doesn't give options for printer (Tray, duplex, color select)

Just wondering if a guide/faq has been created that talks of the steps to take in order to get printers setup.

Apologies for the ramblings, I am frustrated at the end of a un-fruitful day.
Not supposed to be this difficult, but I do understand/realize this is something I have setup once and haven't really touched it again. I set things up awhile ago for my 150+network node, 1 server, XP machines network and haven't really had to touch it since. So now I am here trying to do the same for Win7 and haven't found the proper setup yet.