This user was working fine yesterday and then sometime yesterday
afternoon was unable to access the network via the VPN.

Everytime she tries to log into the VPN client on both of her
workstations at home she gets the following error:

"Authentication gateway failed to verify entered parameters. A general
error was reported by the authentication gateway."

I checked the VPN audit log and here is what is happening:

2005-03-10 10:51:04 A connection was opened for a VPN client at address
2005-03-10 10:51:04 VPN client user name at address X.X.X.X is
2005-03-10 10:51:04 AuthClient # 0 (X.X.X.X): GetUPK: Insufficient
output buffer.
2005-03-10 10:51:04 Connection closed for the VPN client at address

I would appreciate any help that can be given.

This is a Netware 5 SP6 server with BorderManager 3.0 SP3 on it.