Hi all,

Here is what I am trying to accomplish.

I have Border3.8 at three sites. All three sites are connected with S2S
VPN connections. I have a client connecting to one site, and I would like
it to be able to get to the other VPN sites over it's current connection.
Can it be done?

So far I tried to add a Traffic Rule to allow both the VPN subnet and the
remote LAN's subnet to be encrypted for the client. The policies show up
on the client's VPN statistics tab. I can ping the connected site's LAN's
addresses, and the local Border server's VPN address, but not the other BM
servers' VPN address, nor their remote LAN.

In another way, let's say my client's IP address is after
getting connected through VPN.

The three border servers that are connected are: (remote S2S)
192.168.300.1 (remote S2S)

The VPN subnet is has for VPN has for VPN
192.168.300.1 has for VPN

My client can ping anything on the subnet, and the IP
address of

Can I make it so it can communicate with the .200 and .300 networks?

So far the Traffic rules didn't seem to matter.
What am I missing?

Please help :)

Thank you