found _vpn interesting.. does someone has the explanation of the above
status ?

i've the following pairs corresponding to some servers with some strange
problems. the tunnel goes up and the communication is established but
the IKE screen shows permanent creation/deletion of the SAs, sometime it
stops and stabalize quickly, sometimes it takes a while

the applications of the clients on each protected network don't have the
time to time-out, especially with TCP but with the tunnel up/down very
quickly, the consequence is something like a general slow down

I can understand the pair Used + Responder/Initiator, but not what's follows

--> where to obtain (even buy !) the information for all the status,
values, fields, attributes, etc.. + corresponding table between values
in ServerParameters / Communications, iManager fields, non displayed
fields, etc...

Gonzalo wrote weeks ago that everything is well documented.. i say bof !
and that ATT were available.. requested several times to my sales
account manager for some days with Novell advanced technical people. No
answer, so no way in europe apparently, even against money

Here are the status i don't explain :

inbound skip (xxx.xxx.94.210) SPI = 55B8A99A
inbound skip (xxx.xxx.94.210) SPI = 92435135
inbound skip (xxx.xxx.94.210) SPI = 92435135

outbound ike esp (xxx.xxx.24.234)SPI = 951F8105
inbound ike esp (xxx.xxx.24.234)SPI = E88A4B25
inbound ike esp (xxx.xxx.94.210)SPI = ED229927
inbound ike esp (xxx.xxx.24.186)SPI = 39C64D09

outbound ike esp (xxx.xxx.24.186) SPI = 7F20291C
inbound ike esp (xxx.xxx.24.186) SPI = CA991F4B

outbound ike esp (xxx.xxx.38.2) SPI = 3BB81B19

Outbound IKE ESP (xxx.xxx.94.210) SPI = 9F0225BC