I have installed two servers nw6.5 sp3 with BM3.8 SP3.
One is for Internet connection and the other is for vpn C2S only.
The BM server for internet connection is also the default gw.
The BM for vpn C2S is not in the same container (could this read in Craigs
BM server for internet
public 213.x.x.1
static route> 213.x.x.2 and
net ->
BM server for vpn
static route ->
NAT is disabled
Filter is enabled
With imanager the traffic rule is implemented encrypt

If I make a vpn connection NMAS authentication is ok and I can see the
But it is not possible to ping any ip at the lan.

If I make a testinstallation with only one BM3.8 ping to any ip inside the
lan is no problem.
I think normaly it should work, but maybe there is any additional
consideration necesary.
Any ideas ?