First our environment:
Linux OES2 SP3 +SLES SP4-Update
Zenworks 7.1 (ZDM7SP1IR4_HP7)
Newest ZfDAgent.msi

We have no problems booting our XP SP3 - desktop-clients with zenworksagent and the novellclient 49.1 SP5.
We have HP - client-hardware like dc7600sff, dc7900sff, elite8100sff, .....

We have problems with new Laptops. Boottime is there more than 5 minutes, 30 seconds.
HP Probook 6450b with WLAN, Bluethooth, UMTS.
Boot-time with ZfDAgent 5 minutes, 30 seconds.

Boot-time without ZfDAgent less than 80 seconds.

I tried zenworks-logging, but I can't seen a reason for that long time.

Who can help?