Anyone else notice a peculiar issue happening after updating the Novell Client 2 SP1 to IR8 or higher?

* Novell Client 2 SP1 IR8 or higher
* Windows 7 x86/64-bit with SP1
* User's home drive is located on NSS volume in the cluster
* Folder redirection is enabled on the following folders: My Documents, Favorites, My Pitures, My Videos (configured via the default user regsitry hive)
* Redirection points to the drive mapping: U:\My Documents, etc.

User tries to delete file from one of folders on their U drive that has been redirected in the OS. For example: Browse to U:\Favorites and try to delete a favorite shortcut stored there, and the user is prompted that they do not have the proper permissions to delete the file. Refresh the explorer window and the file is no longer there.

Current Solution:
Back rev any Windows 7 clients to IR7 or earlier.

Screen capture is from a system I just updated the client from IR7 to IR9a.