I have a Dell Optiplex 390 with a REALTEK_RTL8168-PCI-E-NETWORK card. I have been using a XP base image and a driver add-on image for each model we have and it has always worked fine until Dell started using the Realtek on-board nic. After imaging and Sysprep runs, it now hangs the PC usually at a black screen and flashing cursor. If I run the the add-on image without the nic drivers in it, it will image and boots to windows just fine. I can then point to the Realtek drivers (the same ones in my add-on) when prompted by the device manager and the drivers install and it works. I've tried adding the setup.exe routine to the command.txt and to the Run once but no luck. I have also tried every version of driver for this card without any luck. Anyone else experienced this or have some advice?