I am using ZCM 10.3.3 that was released on 3/14/11. The issue I am having is on a WinXP sp3 computer using adaptive agent The problem has also been replicated on Win 2008 and Win 7 platforms.

I am manually starting a patch scan with the zac ps command. The process runs for a while and then ends with, "there was an error scanning the computer: analyze_failed." No results of patches that need to be applied are found for the device in the ZCC.

I have uninstalled the agent and re-installed the agent. I have also searched this forum and the Internet to see if there are any solutions and have not found any.

As this problem has just recently developed, I am not sure what is amiss. There have not been any changes to ZCM since I applied 10.3.3 in July.

Thank you in advance for any replies.