Ok. here is the summary of what has happened.

1. Had a server called ZEN10. It messed up really bad.
2. Made a new server (called it ZCM) , copied all content over and got up and going. Zen10 is no longer around.
3. gave my server called ZCM a new IP# & the same ip# that I use to use on my server called ZEN10
4. Workstation are working fine and things seem to be going a lot better now with my new server
5. To prevent future downtime, I made a satellite server today (called it SAT1).
6. When installing zenworks 11sp 1 on SAT1 I tell it I want to install in an Existing Zone
7. I get an message on an UNKNOWN certificate. It isnt' able to validate the Primary servers Certficate. I guess because that server isn't around anymore.

It shows ISSUED TO: cn=zcm

and ISSUED BY: cn=zcm, o=Internal Certficate Authority
I tell it to accept it.

Then I get a message - I must SPECIFY a PRIMARY SERVER THAT has a CA Role

Is there anyway I can make a new or update my certificate on ZCM ? can this be promoted so I don't have to touch 800 machines?