Following setup: BM 3.8 Sp3 on NW 6.5 - C2S VPN enabled with standard
NMAS authentication (Not LDAP).

First I have to admit, that TID 10096693 is fully applicable to my
situation. But - if I set authentication rule to all users all users can
successfully authenticate if I use any NMAS sequence (e.g. Simple
Password, Enhanced Password, X509 Certificate, ...)which is applicable
to the user, but only if I do not try to use the NDS NMAS sequence.

If I try to use NDS I get a "Failed to process NMAS request. NMAS error
code = 0xFFFFF994." error message from Authentication Gateway at the
server and the client connection request times out after about 2.75
minutes. Is this behaviour standard as designed or not ?

If I have established a VPN connection I always use the NDS sequence to
login to the tree without any problems and i also do this without any
problem, if I am connecting locally over the LAN to our Netware 6.5
servers (Using NW Client 4.90 SP2 with several post SP2 patches).

W. Prindl