We've run out of IP address on one of our class C networks, so what I trying to do is change the subnet mask of the Class C from to, thus giving us 1056 route-able address.

This seems to work well everywhere except in the routing table of our DNS server which happens to be A NW65 SP8 box with Border 3.9.

For example I added added extra NICs to the servers on this subnet running out of IPs and set up workstations with IPs in the range and we can log into the servers, I added routes to our layer 3 switches and we can route to our SuperLumin's box (not in production yet) and we can access the internet. But when we try to access other devices on our network using DNS or try to access the internet using the Border box (production box) we can not.

When I tried to add the route to the box using inetcfg it seem to add, but using TCPCON the route isn't showing up and when I try to add the route through TCPCON I get an error stating the subnet mask is less than the default.

I haven't finished testing the SuperLumin's box yet, so moving it into production isn't an option at this time. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get around this limitation in Netware. Or do I just need to bite the bullet and move to a class B subnet.