in this case a vanilla gw802hp3 system, but i think this issue existed before:

create a personal address book with two entries in it
name: Casey Stoner comments: honda ducati
name: Valentino Rossi comments: ducati honda yamaha

now in the address book create a custom filter "comments contains honda". this will return only Casey Stoner, i'd expect to get both. likewise, if you change the filter to "comments includes ducati", you'll get Valentino only instead of both. a filter of "comments contains yamaha" gives an empty search result instead of Valentino.

it seems that the "contains" operation behaves just like a "starts with". this doesn't seem to be tied to the field, e.g. "pager number" behaves like "comments".

the same operation performed from the contacts folder of the groupwise client application (as opposed to the address book application) works fine or let's say: works as i'd expect it.

anyone willing to dupe this? bug? working as designed?

it seems that filters on contacts in the groupwise app work on indexes while searches in the address book do not. true?

thanks for any help