Ok...currently running ZCM 10.3.3

1 primary server...running Linux with default sybase DB. ZCM Ver, ZAM Ver, ZPM Ver

3 Satellite servers....also Linux running agent (tried to update devices and they will not update)

each satellite server manages imaging, colletion, content, authentication. (imaging not really used yet)

satellite servers are located arcoss small WAN connections (2MB or less)

ZEN Agents on Pc's are a mixed bag of 10.3.1 to 10.3.3

sooo....any gothcas? Can ZEN agensts that are 10 communicate to an 11 server?

Can the primary be upgraded, then delpoyed to Satellite servers? Should satelleites be removed, primary upgraded and then readded?

Looking for anyone who has already gone throuigh the process. This determines whther or not we will upgrade.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Links to pertinant inforamtion?

Anythign would help.

Woody Harper
Velcro USA