I have a NetWare 6.5sp8 environment - all uptodate for ndps etc.

My Broker and one Manager -call them Broker-1 and Manager-1 -are hosted on
the same server and the second (just added) Manager - call it Manager-2 - is
hosted on another server.

When managing printers on Manager-1 I can select Printer Driver Profiles
that have already been defined. However when managing printers created on
Manager-2 there are no Printer Driver Profiles to choose from. Drivers
themselves are listed just fine in either case.

My load line for Broker-1 is: load broker .nkc_broker.ndps.nkc.net.ouc
/noipx /noadvert

My load line for Manager-1 is: load ndpsm .nkc_manager.ndps.nkc.net.ouc
/defragdatabase /enforceuseracl /noipx /nosrs /noens
/setrms=.nkc_broker.ndps.nkc.net.ouc /QLOADBALANCE /dnsname=xyz.a.b.c

My load line for Manager-2 is: load ndpsm
..iPrint_Manager_Staff.Printers.net.ouc /defragdatabase /enforceuseracl
/noipx /nosrs /noens /setrms=.nkc_broker.ndps.nkc.net.ouc /QLOADBALANCE

Both hosting servers are in the same IP subnet.

Any ideas as to what the problem might be? Is it an issue with filesystem
rights, eDir rights, slp, broker and/or manager configuration, or..?


Ron Neilly
Network and Systems Coordinator
UBC Okanagan
Kelowna, BC, Canada