It updates the client part way - by removing the printer from the client,
but it does not restore the printer with a connection to the new iPrint
Manager. This is actually worse than not removing the printer, ie just
leaving a non-functional printer installed on the client.

According to one TID (3006726) the moved printer agent should trigger the
iPrint client to reinstall the printer so that it is using the new iPrint
Manager. But it is only removing the old printer and not installing the
'new' printer.

I am using iPrint on NetWare 6.5sp8
Windows XP sp3
iPrint Client versions tested : 5.64, 5.52 and 5.44

BTW that TID (3006726) is also horribly wrong regarding the procedure to
implement a move of an agent from one Manager to another. The major error is
that it instructs you to use "Printer Agent Redirection" and on that tab to
specify the ipp: url for the destination Manager. That fails of course
because the source Manager will verify the ipp: url which fails since the
printer agent is not yet on the destination Manager. So that change is not
saved. Secondly if you move the agent to a another Manager then there is no
listing in the original Manager for the moved agent - so again you cannot
use Printer Agent Redirection on the source/original Manager.

Is this supposed to work the way I expect it - ie moving the printer agent
from Manager-1 to Manager-2 causes the Windows/Mac/Linux clients to remove
the printer and then install it with the correct ipp: url for the new iPrint

If so, then any ideas as to why it is not doing what it is supposed to?


Ron Neilly
Network and Systems Coordinator
UBC Okanagan
Kelowna, BC, Canada