I understand I am asking a NVB forum this question. However, I would like
to see any opinions on why a NBM solution might be the better way for us.

Current: We are a Netware shop running a Windows NT pc running Winroute for
firewall. Internet access is configured by host ip address, not user ID. I
have a second location who is also netware. Right now we connect via
PcAnywhere to a host xp Pro machine to do any support for them.

I want to use user name to determine internet access rights. I also want a
S2S connection between our offices for managing and because we are both
running GroupWise and I would like to combine them.

The appliance based solutions are easy to setup in my office and then send
out a box to other company, tell them to plug it in and hopefully - wallaa!,

NVB I wold have to send server hardware. Install onsite at there location
(somehow from my building). Then setup S2S. Any setting up with be over
phone and pcanywhere. This solution sounds like it could be tedious and
fustrating. If I do go this route, I would like to know that my investment
in time is well worth it. Hence, this posting.

By the way, both sites have Novell Small Bus. 6.5, so server licenses are
not an issue.

Thank you for your input.