I have a client that just upgraded from BM 3.7 to 3.8 and Netware 6.0 to
6.5. They've always had inbound PPTP available for remote user VPN and
it's always worked beautifully. I see numerous posts here on the forum
about problems getting this to work with 3.8 and/or Netware 6.5.

I know for a fact this is not a BM 3.8 issue, as I have it working
perfectly at another client with BM 3.8 running on Netware 6.0. I had
to run the NIAS install from a BM 3.7 CD, but had no trouble configuring
it and getting it working. This same process does not seem to work once
Netware 6.5 is introduced into the mix. Did Novell do something to
Netware 6.5 that breaks PPTP? I don't even see it listening on port
1723, even though AIOPPTP is loaded just fine and NWCSTAT shows all of
the PPTP ports ready and waiting.

Anybody out there been able to get this to work with BM 3.8 on NW 6.5?


Mark Hepinstall, MCNE