I am trying to set up VPN access from a laptop to the BM 3.8 server via
dialup ISP connection at the client side. If I am using the Dialin TAB
of the VPN client - enter all ISP authentication information - Dialin to
the ISP succeeds and the VPN status page shows connected but then the
VPN client does not try to contact the BM server but displays the above
cited error (+ try to dial once again)- exactly in German: "VPTUNNEL hat
keine Einwählbenachrichtigung erhalten Versuchen Sie noch einmal zu

If I first establish connection to ISP I can authenticate to the server
and the server side tunnel is established ok (i.e. packets go into the
tunnel and are sent to the VPN client via the tunnel, but the client
side tunnel is not established or probably established at another
(virtual) interface which neither sends nor receives any packets, and
packets from the client don't use the tunnel.
I have removed or disabled all LAN and WLAN adapters of the laptop and
removed or disabled all other ports on the laptop, so that the modem is
the only possible connection to the outside but still the VPN client,
which had been uninstalled and reinstalled twice in the meantime refuses
to establish the tunnel for the modem connection. How can I force the
client to establish the tunnel at the right location? (The settings
subpage of the Dialin page of the VPN client shows the correct modem
information). Registry setting or any other idea?

Thanks for any info

W. Prindl