Hi, everyone.

I hope someone has an idea on this problem. I have configured a VPN on a
Netware 6.5 SP2 server with BM 3.8 SP2 plus FP3d following Craig's
excellent instructions in his book. I have two clients, both WinXP SP1
with Novell Client 4.9 SP2 and VPN client 3.8.9.

My initial testing, with Novell CLient firewall and VPN Client 3.8.7
seemed to go perfectly. I had the VPN up for almost an hour at my home,
no problems.

Recently VPN client 3.8.9 came out and I installed that on the second
machine and upgraded the first one. Now, on either machine I initially
connect fine, but after about 5 minutes I cannot reach any host on the
private network, either through the Novell client or by simply pinging
using just the VPN client and no Novell login. During the first five
minutes I can ping any host on the local LAN plus through the
district-wide WAN into other buildings without problems.

When I attempt the failed ping the VPN client statistic shows encrypted
data being sent -- but none being received in reply, and the "Time to
disconnect" resetting to its max value of 1 hour 30 minutes as each ping
is sent. The server real-time monitor also shows data being received
from the client thru the tunnel.

Any ideas on what could cause the IP communication to fail after working
fine for 5 minutes?

Also, after the IP comm fails, disconnecting from the VPN takes an
unusually long time, during which the VPN client is not responsive.
After about a minute the usual "release" messages come up in the server
IKE screen and the client is released.

Any leads would be appreciated!!

--Dave Arre
Supervisor of Technology Operations
Bethel, CT Public School District