Hello NG

I have following issue. I work with Windows 7 and the newest NWClient IR9.
ContextLess Login is enabled. Now when I'm just logged in and i choose the
Novell Client i put a name example

I type johnmuel, and the contextless login browse to my tree and if the
client is found it does change the name as it is defined in eDir. The
lowercase letters are changed to low and upper case. Ex: JohnMuel

Now the problem is, when i restart the workstation, the contextless is still
working but the username is not changet to low and uppercase letters. When I
type the username johnmuel, the context is found, the login is possible but
the username was not changed to JohnMuel.

I suppose that here this issue is caused by the windows 7 firewall. Which
port need here to be opened, so that the lower and uppercase changing of the
name is working?

Thank you in advance for your help