I just updated to 8.0.2 HP3 from HP2 last week. I do my address book sort by last name, first name. So when I type in a last name in a new email in WebAcccess, for example, one of my colleagues has the same last name as 3 other users in our Novell Address Book, I used to type,


Then I would type the first letter of his first name after the comma and a space, now when I hit comma key, it immediately puts the last name only into the address space and starts a new address lookup. So the only way I can sort through all the "Smiths" is to type Smith and leave out the comma, then hit the arrow key up or down.

Is that functioning normally or is this a bug in HP3? In HP2, I could hit comma and continue typing first name and the auto complete would work correctly. Also, WebAccess agent and app is on SLES 11 SP1.