I'm trying to finish upgrade from 7.0.3 to 8.0.2 HP3 and migration to SLES 11 sp1 linux. I have a question about my WebAccess and GWIA gateways and external GroupWise syncs. Right now, our organization has several different GroupWise email systems in place, managed by different IT organizations, all synched through GroupWise External System Sync. This creates a global Novell Address book for us, and gives these other GroupWise systems the ability to use our GWIA and WEBACCESS servers.

We have hundreds of users in "external" GroupWise systems, (all internal on our network), that use our GWIA and WebAccess. That gives them the ability to use our primary email domain name and the other IT adminstrators don't have to manage their own GWIA and WebAccess systems.

I upgraded our 7.0.3 MTA, POA's and our secondary domain to 8.0.2 HP3. All are running on NetWare 6.5.8 for now. My GWIA is still on NetWare 7.0.3 and my WebAccess is still on NetWare and is GW version 7.0.3. I built a new SLES 11 sp1 server and loaded WebAccess agent and app. I'm using Danita's guide to moving to linux. I noticed in there the recommendation to put a secondary domain local to each gateway. All of my GroupWise components are split out on their own NetWare servers right now. So my GWIA and Webacccess are on their own physical servers, but report back to our primary domain server's /wpgate folder. So installing my WebAccess on linux was a different idea for me, adding it's own secondary domain on the same server. So now I have a WEbaccess 8.0.2 HP3 server with it's own secondary 8.0.2 HP3 domain. I can login just fine, and it runs really well on linux.

The problem I'm having is I asked some other users out across our External System Sync to login. It just came up user not found for them. I had them log in with their fully qualified GW user name and it let them login. So it doesn't seem like my WebAcccess system can see their post offices across the external system sync, yet when I look in ConsoleOne on the WebAccess gateway object, POST OFFICE LINKS, their PO shows up correctly. But it is using an indirect link through my primary domain to their primary domain and post offices.

Is the only way I can offer them to use our linux WebAccess to create direct links from my secondary Webaccess domain to their primary domain that contains their post offices? I would think this indirect method I have now should work.