Trying to update the Authentication Policy:Login Policy for VPN and I
get an error when I click the Rules button in nwadmin (v 5.1.9f) with
BM3.7sp3 Error is 'an unsupported operation was attempted' title of the
error window is admsnap.

I did not have any problems last time I did this, afew months ago. Last
night did apply the edir8734 patch to the NW6.5sp2 server that I am
running nwadmin from (loaded the BM snapins for it) BM server is at
another site and is NW6sp3 with ds 10411.02

I don't recall any other changes since last time I updated the
authentication policy.

I tried reapplying the snapins and Craig's admsnap.dll

Michael Alexander
Network Administrator
Milwaukee Valve