we have had a lot of trouble with GroupWise 8 on Terminal Server 2008 R2 Servers....

Sometimes its possible to open Mails directly from notify without started GroupWise, sometimes not.
Sometimes GroupWise crashes printing Mails, sometimes it works.

So I've decided to open a support case at novell.

A novell technician told me, that groupwise is not developed specially for these kind of enviroments....
10-15 users who only reads mails will work fine, but if there are some heavy users, this could make problems.

10-15 users max !? My Terminal Servers are desgined to have much more users on one single server.

I cant believe in that novell does not "support" terminal servers with groupwise.

We are migrating round about 1000 users to terminal server enviroment, so what to do !?
I still need a statement from novell if the next version of GW will support 100% terminal servers or not.
I still like groupwise, but this statement is a "no go" for us !