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Thread: Priamary Server High Utilization

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    Priamary Server High Utilization

    I have been running my primary server now for about 10 months and all of a sudden it started to be very busy. The CPU utilization is spiking allot, its as if its getting stuck on something. This has been ongoing for 2 months. It keeps spiking and dropping agian - once its in a spiked position I cannot log into the portal, server too busy to accept new connections.

    Here is an extract from my top command:

    top - 14:19:32 up 12 days, 22:47, 1 user, load average: 28.60, 22.41, 12.53
    3948 root 20 0 1949m 69m 980 S 99 2.4 7805:50 dbsrv10
    3623 root 20 0 988m 145m 1696 S 16 5.0 45:55.73 jsvc

    Primary Server running the embedded DB.
    SLES 11 SP1 64bit
    5 Satellites Attached
    60 ZAA Clients

    Any idea what I can look at?
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