Have upgraded BM to 3.8 and now need to set up VPN. Have followed Craig
Johnsons excellent guide but have soe issues.

NW6.5 (sp2) & BM3.8 (sp3)

Server has static NAT for growupise (on same server)

VPTunnel interface is defined and can be pinged from server and internal
SCMAgent gives error when startvpn is run (although it loads)
error is :
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
Java: class com.novell.scm.ServiceConfigurationManager exited with status 1

VPMaster doesn't load - but can be loaded manually

Authgw is not loaded and manually loading gives the error: Loader cannot
find public symbol: VPN_ACLCheck for module AuthGW.nlm
NPKIT.NLM is loaded and has been up for days so that isn't the issue.

Can anyone suggest a way forward - or shall I strip BM and start from
scratch (a LOT of work).

Thanks in advance