We ve the following problem.

We have migrated the master Bordermanager 3.7sp3 to 3.8. We migrated twice
because the first time we had problems with migrating the firewall
database. The second time we started the installation and everything
installed ok. After the upgrade, legacy vpn was still working ok with an
other Bordermanager 3.7 sp3 server. We have runned more then half a day
with this new configuration before we did the following.
We created a Master VPN with the create button within Imanager, after that
the whole legacy configration within VPNCFG was gone! We have used the
same Master IP as showed in VPNCFG, and we have used a different VPN ip-

What can be the reason of this problem?

An other question i ve, we selected the migrate VPN configuration within
the installation but we did not see any objects within Imanager after the
upgrade, is this OK?

What can we do to resolve this problem.