I updated a bordermager 3.7sp3 vpnmaster server to a 3.8sp3 server.
However vpmaster will not run anymore. So I read to take the startvpn.
Because I want to check the config in nwadmn3 and some audit logs I was
wondering how to do this?
I allready took vpmaster of the 37sp3 server and that allowed me to check
the config in nwadmin.
However I am unable to acquire logs. In remote manager I can't access them
(probably because it's running on nw6sp5?)

Also the communication with the slave is ok, but shouldn't the migration put
some info in the nds regarding the vpn?

Anyway, now I want to configure a brand NEW vpn using imanager. The idea is
to create a new master and to get a vpn up and running with another office.
I will later configure the 3.7sp3 slave vpn's, WITHOUT losing communication
between the legacy Master&slaves. Do I need to take the same public
ipaddress + vpntunnel I allready used for the legacy vpn or totally new ones
in Imanager?
What will happen to the vpncfg, whenever I create the master site2site?
Is it possible to go back if anything went wrong? Can't find any good detail
documentation about the upgrades in general, so may be someone can point me
in the good direction

kind regards,