Even though reading your book, I had not any results... I need your help. ! (I beg your pardon about my english )

I've set up a legacy VPN following this steps:

Server configuration:
Novell Small Business Suite 6.5 Starter Pack with NW65SP3 and BM38SP3 installed.
Public IP Address: 200.233... /
VPN IP address:

Private IP address:

in master site-to-site I set up Protected IP networks and hosts:, Encryption capability: Domestic, Key Management Method: ISAKMP, and the others data are default. In Control Options, I've kept the defaults values. Status Up-to-date.

in client-to-site, Wan Client IPX Network Address CACA, IP Encryption: Encrypt Only Networks Listed Below: server it self ( and

Access Rule Definition: Allow, VPN Client, Source: admin.IT
I've also tried to install all the filters you recomended at Chapter 17 - Legacy Site-to-site VPN.

Internal Web Server (Miscrosoft - IIS): - default gateway: (idem DNS #1). Acceleration proxy is ok !
Proxy mail is ok too !

External notebook just with - BorderManager 3.8-3.7 VPN Client v3.8.9 which conection message "auth. gateway"
(retro compactibility). It has public IP, dynamically offer by ISP.

INETCFG: NAT implicit filtering: enabled. NAT dynamic only on public NIC.

I have a proxy acceleration in internal network working (IP, DNS proxy too.
I don't have any service set up like DNS or DHCP.

Thanks in advance

Fábio M P Ravazzolo