We want to migrate the VPN settings with vpnmigration.ncf on the master
server (BM38SP3)

When i start the NCF file on the console it shows the following:
-First it logs in to edirectory
-Then it shows the following error:
CreateProcess: load: Could not execute (err=6)
-Then i see some time nothing happening and at the end it shows
Console:VPN Configuration Migration successfull
SYS:system\vpnupgrade.ncf renamed to sys:system\autoexec.ncf

When i look in ConsoleOne all the objects are created
-TRCServCert - .....

Within Imanager all objects can be seen.

I viewed the vpnmigration.ncf and the following files are not found in the
ni\update\lib directory. I also cannot find the files at all on the CD or
novell site or server volume.


Can i trust the created objects or is there something critical wrong when
error 6 appears?