I try to setup a s2s vpn with bordermanager 3.8
my master was migrated to 3.7 from 3.7 and there is still a 3.7 slave
active, which just runs fine.

Now I try to add another slave to my configuration. THis slave is in the
same tree, but in a different OU (and also a different partition)
The slaveserver has a r/w replica of the root and ofcourse a r/w replica
of itself.
Because I must create a new TRC for the slave, because the vpn servers are
not in the same context, I was wondering If I still need a tro of the
master vpnserver in the trc of the slave vpnserver???

I followed Craig's book, but on this point it's not exactly clear.

The trc, server certificate, and tro for the master were created by the
vpnmigration tool.
the issue_slave in the trc of the master was created by imanager.
the trc_slave + tro_slave were also created by imanager.