We're starting a migration to another mail system. I'm looking for some help to properly configure our GW8sp2hp2 system to send mail to external recipients, whether the mail is sent from an internal GroupWise user or from an Internet sender somewhere outside our network. All external recipients will have the same SMTP domain name. The TIDs I found (7004434, 3230787) for creating an External Domain, External Post Office, and External User to create "Contacts" in the GroupWise system address book that point to external Internet e-mail addresses did not work. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, the instructions are incomplete, or the process has changed for GW8.

We have GW8sp2hp2 with the exception of a WebAccess and GWIA that are both at 7sp4. There are two GWIAs, one for inbound in the DMZ (7sp4) and one for outbound (8sp2hp2). One TID I read said to link the External Post Office to the domain holding the GWIA using the Link Configuration tool. The inbound GWIA has a Gateway Alias Type of "GWIA", but the outbound GWIA did not have one defined. I made its Gateway Alias Type "GWI2". I can go to GroupWise|Gateway Aliases in the properties of the External User and add a gateway alias for either GWIA, however I cannot see GWI2 in the Gateway Link drop-down in the Link Configuration tool to select the second GWIA as the Gateway link (per TID 3230787).

Are there GroupWise 8-specific instructions for configuring this?